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 If you would like to contact your child's teachers, please click on the envelope icon next to the individual's name and it will allow you to start your message.


Aguilar, Adriana Teacher
Bryan, Sarah (909) 421-7377 ex.27108 Teacher
Burchmore, Thomas (909) 421-7377 ex.25105 Teacher
Burelle, Anne (909) 421-7377 ex.26116 Teacher
Butler, Tami (909) 421-7377 ex.28101 Teacher
Carlson, Tamara Teacher
Chhou, Hao (909) 421-7377 ex.27101 Teacher
Cipres, Maria (909) 421-7377 ex.27110 Teacher
Coats, Hank (909) 241-7377 ex.26102 Teacher Math/Science
Dahl, John (909) 421-7377 Teacher
Dalton, Gregory Teacher
Dean, Laura (909) 421-7377 ex.26117 Teacher
Duarte, Mary Teacher
Duckworth, Nathan Teacher
Ferrara, Carol Teacher
Gayton, Mariana (909) 421-7377 ex.25106 Teacher
Geyser, Deborah (909) 421-7377 ex.27105 Call Between 9:41-10:36 AM M,T, TH, F Teacher
Gonzalez, Tiffany (909) 421-7377 ex.26108 7th Grade Math Teacher
Gutierrez, Aime (909) 421-7377 ex.26108 6th grade ELA/SS Teacher
Hamner, Marymargaret (909) 421-7377 ex.23104 Teacher
Holland, Troy Teacher
Horigan, John (909) 421-7377 ex.27104 Teacher
Jackson, Natasha (909) 421-7377 ex.26106 Teacher
Kashiwagi, Keita Teacher
Kellmer, Michaeline Teacher
Kernc, Kristrine (909) 421-7377 ex.27107 Teacher
Kruizenga, Jeremy ex.27106 Teacher
Kruk, Andrew (909) 421-7377 ex.25104 Teacher
Lane, Marla Teacher
Lane, Steven Teacher
Macias, Daniel Teacher
Magdaleno, Renee (909) 421-7377 ex.28102 Teacher
Martindale, Jessica (909) 421-7377 ex.25102 6th Grade Teacher
Mendoza, Jessica Teacher
Mendoza, Mrs. Teacher
Mills, Jaynelain (909) 421-7377 ex.27103 Teacher
Mitchell, Melissa (909) 421-7377 ex.23104 Teacher
Monterrosa, Ana Teacher
Montilla, Jose (909) 421-7377 ex.27109 Teacher
Nunez, Raymunda (909) 421-7377 ex.28109 Teacher
O'Brien, Daniel (909) 421-7377 ex.25108 Teacher
Oxley, Roger Teacher
Patino, Tania ex.27101 Teacher
Patterson II, William (909) 421-7377 ex.26118 Teacher
Petrini, Adam (909) 421-7377 ex.25103 Teacher
Prado, Kathi (909) 421-7377 ex.22101 Teacher
Quiros, Kenya (909) 421-7377 ex.23105 Teacher
Robinson, Teresa Teacher
Rodriguez, Eric (909) 421-7377 Teacher
Sahabdool, Irene Teacher
Schrier, Edward (909) 421-7377 ex.27113 Teacher
Sheppard, Lloyd ex.28101 Teacher
Smith, Yolanda ex.27102 Teacher
Snavely, Ann Teacher
Torres, Alberto Teacher
Torres, Richard Teacher
Torrey, Sarah Teacher
Trujillo, Janette (909) 421-7377 ex.28110 Teacher
Ventura, Evette (909) 421-7377 ex.28109 Teacher
Watkins, Amy Teacher