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6TH grade english 
Contact Thomas Burchmore  Thomas Burchmore (909) 421-7377 ex: 25105 Teacher
Contact Laura Dean  Laura Dean (909) 421-7377 ex: 26117 Teacher
Contact Mariana Gayton  Mariana Gayton (909) 421-7377 ex: 25106 Teacher
Contact Aime Gutierrez  Aime Gutierrez (909) 421-7377 ex: 26108 6th grade ELA/SS Teacher
Contact Andrew Kruk  Andrew Kruk (909) 421-7377 ex: 25104 Teacher
Contact Jessica Martindale  Jessica Martindale (909) 421-7377 ex: 25102 6th Grade Teacher
7TH grade English 
Contact Michaeline Kellmer  Michaeline Kellmer Teacher
Contact Richard Torres  Richard Torres Teacher
Contact Amy Watkins  Amy Watkins Teacher
8TH grade english
Contact Steven Lane  Steven Lane Teacher
Contact Sarah Torrey  Sarah Torrey Teacher



Word of the week

Word of the weekThe word of the week is persevere. It means to persist steadily in an action or belief, usually over a long period and especially despite problems or difficulties.

Jehue word of the week

Word of the Week
The word of the week is frivolous. It means "lacking in intellectual substance and not worth serious consideration." Thank you for your participation and don’t forget; if you use the word correctly in a sentence, you can earn an opportunity for a Front of the Lunch Line pass.