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THINK Together After School Program

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THINK Together 2.pngTHINK Together (Teaching, Helping, Inspiring and Nurturing Kids) is an after school program here at Jehue from dismissal time until 6pm Monday through Friday. As part of the San Bernardino County THINK Together program, this organization serves close to 20,000 students per year at 78 school sites. The San Bernardino THINK Together County Program is the largest in the United States, servicing Ontario-Montclair, Victor Elementary, and Cucamonga School Districts and the Colton Joint, Rialto, Redlands and Jurupa Unified School Districts. THINK Together offers extended learning time as well as tutoring programs to our Jaguars.


TEsting.jpgThe new and revised Think Together Program under the leadership of Chris (Coach) Love offers opportunities for our Jaguars to become more involved and connected on campus. With his introduction of Intramural Sports, he has brought back former Jaguar athletes who are now in high school to mentor our current students. Think Together also has a variety of "clubs" for the kids to participate in and lunchtime music with DJ Eturnal is sure to become a hit! And because student achievement is a priority for us all, Think Together continues to offer academic support in completing homework and helping understand difficult concepts through small group tutoring. Keep checking back to this page to learn more about this expanding program! 


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Download your 2016/2017 Think Together Application. Get an early start in ensuring that your Jaguar is part of our after school program this school year. Space is limited so get your application in early before all the spots are taken!! 

Think Together Application in English
Think Together Application in Spanish


Here at Think Together, we know how important it is to get involved in extracurricular activities. That is why we sponsor a variety of clubs within our program to connect with one another while having fun. All Jehue Jaguars are invited to participate in one or more of our clubs, but you must commit to attending at least 3 days a week. See Coach Love after school in the MPR for more information.

GLEE CLUB - an opportunity for music, comedy, and production interested students to come together for fun. All grade levels are welcome!

STEP TEAM - Are you interested in putting on performances during the school year and possibly facing off against other middle schools? STEP is a great way to dance, bond, and socialize. STEP is also a great form of exercise. If you think you can dance and want to learn how to STEP, don't be afraid to get a little "cray" on the STEP TEAM. STEP up and sign up!

MAKIN BEATS - We have our very own Music Production Teacher and Graphic Designer, Mr. Darius, within the THINK TOGETHER Program. Have you ever wanted to learn how to create the beats, sounds, and music you hear on the radio by the likes of Odd Future, Pharell, Lorde, Katy Perry, or even Kendrick Lamar? Maybe you just love music and want to learn more about how the equipment is used to create it. Mr. Darius has got you covered no matter your interest. Join his class and be prepared to look for the perfect beat!

HOME COOKIN AND RECIPES - We all like to eat, right? Would school be a little more fun if you spent time making food and eating it? Uh...YES! So come learn how to make various recipes and then eat a bunch of food.

KNOW HOW 2 GO - Have you ever been watching your favorite college team play on TV and wondered if you could get a scholarship to play ball in college? If you have that goal and you don't have a plan in place to get there, then you are just wondering. STOP WONDERING! DO SOMETHING! Join this club and learn about student scholarships in various sports. You'd be surprised how many doors can open for you....whether your sport is Baseball, Soccer, Football, Track, Basketball, and even Volleyball. Join Coach Love as he shares his wisdom on how to get financial support for college while playing the sport you love the most.